Hello and welcome!

Only Worldwide is a site dedicated to exploring the world.  From hidden treasures in global cities to massive cultural events.  This site will be home to  an eclectic mix of experiences and stories, to inspire and to share.

A little about the author (that’s me!).

I am a recent graduate from Curtin University in Western Australia, I studied a Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Marketing and Advertising. With a passion for travel, I have a thirst for learning and a desire to evoke strong emotional responses from people about experiences and culture.

For me, travelling is less of a fun thing to do in my spare time than it is a lifestyle. I love immersing myself in other cultures and am myself a result of cultures mixing. While I have lived in Australia my entire life, my heritage is Portuguese, a country with a strong national identity and culture that reaches around the globe. The benefits of living in a cultural melting pot such as Australia is exposure to cultures from across the globe and the proximity to Asia has enabled me to travel through numerous Asian countries and immerse myself in their respective cultures and lifestyles.

It is a dream to work in an environment surrounded by people who love what they do and aspire to challenge the status quo in the pursuit of something better.