Fire breathing, sword swallowing, gravity defying. This is Limbo.


Limbo blasted onto the stage by way of its talented band, white-clad, brass instruments blaring, megaphone whooping and harmonica on the lips.  As the show progressed, it became clear that this band and its music is the beating heart of Limbo.  The fantastic musical score transporting each and every member of the audience into a different world.

There is not a single spoken word in Limbo.  The show is carried by the music and raw skill of its performers.


“I was left longing, but not for long…”


I’d separate Limbo into two parts.  The repetitive, slightly too long, impressive but not memorable part at the beginning, and the incredible fire breathing, sword swallowing, gravity defying second part that is the rest of the show.  It really went from zero to one hundred in the space of a few minutes.

The show started off slowly with a tap dancing number, which, whilst impressive, became repetitive and left me wanting for variety.  And then out came the beautiful and daring Heather Holliday (featured in the photo) and variety is what I got.  Shocking the audience swallowing swords, one with a twist that had her throat glowing on stage.   Witnessing her breathing fire and toying with flames using her tongue will have you either hiding behind parted fingers, unable to look away or sitting right on the edge of your seat, terrified of missing a moment.

The rest of the troupe was just as impressive – incredible feats of strength performed on a Chinese pole.  Vanishing acts.  Acrobatic dance and poles that flexed under the weight of performers, believe you me, seeing three people flying across the room, attached only by their legs to flexing poles is something right out of Alice in Wonderland.  They were flying across the room, missing each other by mere centimetres , picking up hats and water bottles from the riveted audience below.


“You’ll get everything from a serenading Frenchman to a vanishing woman”


I do not know if there was meant to be a single story being told in Limbo, if there was, it certainly wasn’t apparent to me.  It is a show filled with fantastic feats that will have you on the edge of your seat.  I would have loved a continuous story, it felt like all of the pieces were there for there to be one, but the dots just weren’t connected.  Not that it detracts from the performance in any way, but it would have added an appreciated additional layer of depth.

A quick note on seating, as there are a few options.  I would say the best seats in the house are not the ‘Premium’ ones, but the General Admission seats, they’re slightly tiered above the premium so you won’t have anyone’s head in front of you, blocking your view especially if you’re at the front of the GA ring.

If you’re a fan of circus/acrobatic shows, Limbo is a fantastic option.  You’ll get everything from a serenading Frenchman to a vanishing woman and walk away feeing as though you’ve been taken to another world for an hour.

Tickets start at $66 and are available here.  Showing until the 19th of February.

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  1. susanblog15 says:

    I am enjoying your posts – are you reviewing for some reward or is it just your altruistic nature and natural writing skills that you like to share?


    1. At the moment, it’s the latter, just for myself. Fringe has given me a great opportunity to do more of it!

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