Introductions are always weird.

I’ve discovered that introducing yourself to an audience you can’t see can be an awkward experience. I may have no idea who you are my dear reader (is it too soon for me to call you that?), or I may have known you my whole life. But, with a screen between us, I have no way of knowing . So with that in mind, hello!  And welcome to Only World Wide.  My name is Josef and I live in the sunny state of Western Australia in the second most isolated capital city in the world, you may have heard of it, little old Perth.

I personally believe that no matter how long you spend reading, watching or being told of the world, you will never be able to truly understand what it is to be in another place. Travelling is more than just a pastime, it’s a lifestyle. It’s about more than just getting on a plane and jetting your way to an island resort and lounging around for five days getting countless massages. It’s about exploring the world around you. Coming from a small city like Perth, I’ve constantly been surrounded by people who complain about the limitations that come with that (I won’t deny it, I’ve been one of those people on many occasions). So my endeavour with this blog is to not just talk about big trips but to also shine a light on all of the hidden things to do that are so often overlooked by people who’ve lived in a city all their lives.

Throughout my life, I have been fortunate enough as to have parents that have taken me with them on holidays across parts of Europe and Asia. This early exposure to global cultures heavily influenced my interest in travel and tourism, but beyond that it broadened my mind, I saw how millions of other people live their day to day lives, beyond the daily routine that I’m used to in Perth. Be it crowds of motorbikes zipping around each other in Indonesia and miraculously avoiding collisions or the metro subway systems of Europe, shuttling thousands of people around beneath cosmopolitan cities. There is so much world out there and it is too beautiful not to be experienced.

So, in the course of this blogging experiment of ours, my dear reader, I will be sharing with you, my experiences, my thoughts and my opinions. On travel and on my various musings and I do hope you’ll join in the conversation with me, either in the comments or on social media (you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram, the links are in the footer of this page).

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